Our Approach

Currently, there are numerous national vendors who offer MSA services. At Teague Campbell, we distinguish ourselves by doing the creative, analytical file review and analysis that saves our clients money. We take a responsive and personal approach towards serving our clients, and never use a formula-driven, “one size fits all” model. We do more than act like a middle man between Medicare and our clients, and would not simply forward requests from CMS without considering the implications.  We keep our clients advised every step of the process, and we are accessible at all times.  We strive to provide quick-turnaround on files and keep our clients updated on new MSA developments.

With a focused, customized approach, Teague Campbell provides our clients with tremendous cost savings when settling claims involving potential Medicare Secondary Payer issues.  Our clients appreciate the experience and accountability we offer in analyzing the complex Medicare issues in Workers’ Compensation and Liability Settlements that many outside MSA vendors simply cannot match.  We work with our clients to develop a strategy for addressing and resolving important Medicare issues such as:

  • Is the plaintiff a Medicare beneficiary?
  • Is there a Medicare conditional payment lien?
  • Is an MSA even necessary?
  • How much should be allocated to fund an MSA?
  • Can the settlement even be submitted to CMS for review?
  • How do we consider Medicare’s interests in a liability settlement if there is no submission process?
  • How do we consider Medicare’s interests in a workers’ compensation settlement if it does not fall within the review thresholds?

Before you make the referral, we will provide an informal consultation to determine what steps need to be taken.  If no MSA is recommended, then we can provide an opinion letter for a flat-fee rate to document our analysis.  If a formal MSA is appropriate, then we can prepare the MSA, at an hourly rate, and make the submission to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval, including zero-dollar allocations.  If you only need a future medical cost projection, we can assist in getting this prepared.  And we bring the skills and resources to litigate these issues if the situation warrants.  Knowing your case, from initial claim to ultimate resolution, means measurable results, tailored solutions, and real cost savings.